It is very difficult to give firm prices on this website because every photograph we work on has different needs. The worse the degradation the more work is needed to put it right. The prices quoted here are a rough guide to give you an idea of what the charges might be. To give an accurate price for restoring your photograph we would need to see what work is needed to restore your picture. 

Many people now have combination printer/scanners so, if you are able to scan the picture yourself, just attach it to an email* and send to and we will give you a firm price by return (details of the ideal settings for your scan can be found here). If the scanned file is too big to attach to your emai, go to and send your file to the same email address. If you are unable to scan the picture yourself, send it using signed-for or registered post, with your contact details to: Photo Resurrections, 17 The Chestnuts, Sayers Common, Hassocks, West Sussex BN6 9XJ

If you agree to have the work done we will do it and send you a watermarked proof of the restored photograph. If you are happy with it we will send the finished result to you as either an email attachment for you to print yourself or an actual printed version if you would prefer it. 

Payment is asked for when ordering but will be returnable if you are not satisfied with the proof result. We will have to charge for return postage of your original if you decide not to go ahead with the restoration.

*Your email and any personal data will be kept secure and private at all times

Faded Colour Prints.
Restoration of original colour and minor repairs.    
from £9.00  plus the cost of a print if required


faded colour print

Water Damaged Prints.
Repair of water damage price will depend on the amount of damage.
from £ 25.00  plus the cost of a print if required
water damaged print

Faded Black & White Prints
Restoration of original print and minor repairs.
from £9.00 plus the cost of a print if required

Prints Of Old Negatives
Black & White or Colour
£6.00 plus the cost of a print if required

faded and damaged black and white print
35mm scratched negative